Do You Need a Standby Generator?

For most Americans, the answer is a resounding “yes.” We all rely heavily on our electrical lighting, appliances, and electronics, in order to function every day. For those who frequently work from home, the necessity is even more significant. And telecommuting is on the rise. In fact, 79% more people were working from home in 2012 than in 2005, representing 2.6 percent of the American work force. As that trend continues, it will become even more important to have a standby backup generator installed by electrical professionals.


The most significant benefit of a standby generator is that it allows you to continue your activities without interruption. Today’s generators automatically sense a power outage and make the switch to generator power without your having to venture into inclement weather and try to remember how to start up that portable generator you have somewhere in the recesses of your garage. And if you’re away from home at the time of the power outage, you can rest assured that the ice cream in your freezer and milk in your fridge will be kept as cold as you need it to be when you return. In addition, most models can utilize existing natural gas or propane sources, instead of requiring gasoline or other fuel sources, like portable generators typically do.


Like various forms of insurance, it can be difficult to bite the bullet and purchase a stand-by generator when it’s something you’ll rarely use. It’s a decision only you can make, but you need to weigh it carefully. Think beyond the T-bone steaks in the freezer and the hassle of living by candlelight or flash lights. If you work from home, the lost wages and productivity may be significant enough to make it a no-brainer. But for all the busy members of your household who live busy lives and rely on internet connectivity, fresh food and the ability to prepare it safely indoors, and bright electric lighting for work or study are additional factors to consider. Of course, during the winter, those with electric heat face even more significant potential problems from loss of electricity.

If you’ve decided that the benefits of generators outweigh their cost, you can put yourself on a savings plan, reserving a specific amount of money from your usual budget in order to save up enough to purchase a standby generator. A good goal would be to save up or work extra to secure the funds needed before winter hits. Even if you’ve decided against purchasing a standby generator at this time, the electricians at D’Amico Electric Inc. can help you get your portable generator up and running, and we have a few suggestions for how to respond when your power goes out, even if you don’t use a generator at all. Contact us today by calling (914) 241-6909.



We are living in a modern society where almost everything is run by electricity . Home and business alike rely on this powerful energy to be able to perform even the simplest tasks. Your home is best protected during short and prolonged power interruptions by a stand-by generator. Stand-by generators are those that are installed permanently outside the premise. They can be plugged to the main electrical line so it would  detect the outage and activate itself right away-its known as an automatic transfer switch.


We can handle your entire generator from estimate, permits, ground preparation, gas hook up, wireless monitoring to final start up, making your home safe and secure regardless of the weather.

Remote Monitoring now available on all makes, models and age of units, offered through On Cue, Mobile Link and CRN, with these systems you and D'Amico Electric would be notified of any potential problem long before it becomes an issue.  Call  today for information or to set up and appointment to have one of our technicians come and install one of these units and let us worry about your generator.


We also sell and set up portable generators as more affordable solution for your power outage needs.  A portable generator can make sure the most important items-lights, refrigerator and freezers, sump pumps, even space heaters and window air conditioners-are up and running, minimizing  any disruptions to your lifestyle.


We pride ourselves in providing our technicians with the last technological training certified by the generator factories, so you can be assured of the best possible outcome for either an installation or service. 


In the past few years we have all come to realize how valuable an asset a standby or portable generator can be, that being said, be sure your generator is properly maintained and ready of use at all times. All generators need to be serviced either once or twice annually for optimal reliability. Pricing and frequency of service varies by make, model and size.  Please contact us with your model and serial number for an accurate quote.


  1. First locate the breaker on the generator, it will be a double pole breaker (2 breaker switches attached together).  Depending on your unit, the breaker will vary in size (60amp, 100amp ect) and location.
  2. After you locate the breaker, you will need to shut it off.
  3. Once the breaker is shut off you can then shut down your generator by using the auto/off/manual toggle switch. Just push the switch to the off position and the generator will then shut down.******warning if you leave the generator in the off position for a prolonged period of time (6-8 hours) it will still draw power from the battery and will need to be re-started periodically to avoid draining the battery.******  In this situation a portable jumper or buster back can be used to re-start the generator if the battery goes dead.


  1. To re-start your generator you are first going to push the auto/off/manual switch back to the auto position.
  2. As soon as the generator starts back up and runs for about 15 seconds you can go back to the double 2 pole breaker and push it back to the on position. (Its normal to hear the generator drop down for a moment but you will hear it come back up to speed almost immediately)
  3. Note: If your utility power comes back on during the time period you had it shut down manually, don't forget to put the generator switch back into auto and he double 2 pole breaker back into the on position. If you don't the generator will not start up in the event you loose power again.