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Most experts recommend having your furnace inspected and tuned up at least twice, annually. Especially after a particularly harsh winter, spring is the perfect time to make sure everything is running properly. Without regular maintenance, the integrated components of your furnace will collect dust and debris. When left unattended, those issues can cause components to wear before their time. Just like anything with moving parts such as belts, valves, and motors, you need to keep them tuned up to avoid problems.

You can avoid the need for premature replacement by hiring a professional electrician to repair or replace any problem components, reducing the chances that your furnace will malfunction. In case the prevention-versus-cure argument doesn’t quite convince you, here are four more reasons to have your furnace inspected.

Maintain Your Manufacturer Warranty

For heaters still under the warranty period, neglecting regular inspections and tune-ups will result in cancellation of the warranty.

Why do manufacturers almost always include that caveat? Is it just an extra loophole to help them get out of having to hold up their end of the bargain? We can’t say for sure, but we think it’s probably because they know how important inspection is in preventing major problems. If you’re not doing your part toward maintaining your furnace, they simply won’t do theirs.

Make Your Heater More Energy Efficient

Whether you’re more motivated by the environmental impact or the economic impact, you realize that energy efficiency is a good thing. Part of our furnace inspection involves cleaning and tuning up your furnace’s heat exchanger and furnace burner, ensuring that it uses as little power as possible in order to operate. Of course, such steps also make sure the system operates safely.

Enhance the Air Flow

When the airflow within your heating system is blocked or limited in some other way, your furnace experiences strain. The result can be significant damage, requiring costly repairs. By having your system inspected, air flow problems can be corrected before they impact your furnace’s ability to do its job.

Prevent Gas Leaks

Your furnace’s ability to function relies on combustion. Precision and efficiency when burning fuel are significant requirements, in order for your furnace to operate safely. Without regular maintenance, you risk gas leaks, exposing your family to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. That silent killer claimed the lives of a family of 8 in Maryland in April 2015.

From clogged condensate drains to dusty coils and potential gas leaks, the licensed electricians at D’Amico Electric can find potential problems and repair or replace components as needed, allowing your furnace to function as efficiently as possible. For best results, we recommend having your furnace inspected every spring and fall.

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