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We all like our tools and toys, don’t we? While we might want more or wish we could get bigger and better models of our existing electrical appliances, I’m sure not one of us wishes we could spend as much money as possible in order to provide power to them.

Your Small Appliances

Let’s start with a few basics that apply to all appliances. If at all possible, avoid using extension plugs. When you do need to use them temporarily, with a small appliance, unplug the cord from the outlet as soon as you’re finished using the item. Be sure to avoid exposure to water while using them, and wipe them clean after each use. If you have appliances that have heating elements, be sure to unplug them when they’re not in use, and keep their instruction manuals and warranty information available and organized.

Your Oven and Range

One way to enhance the performance and extend the lifetime of your major appliances is to keep them clean. Food spills in your oven can increase cooking time required, costing you extra money in energy, as well as frustration over a late dinner! Simply wipe your oven & range down with a clean, soapy dish cloth or sponge, and then dry with a towel. Don’t forget to wipe the frame and door seal, as well as the control panel. If you use a spray cleaner, never apply it directly to the control panel; doing so could lead to moisture seeping under the surface, causing the control panel to malfunction.

Your Washing Machine

To prevent damage to the interior of your washing machine, you’ll want to be sure to empty any pockets before putting clothing into it. Loose change is a common culprit, in this regard. Regular maintenance should involve cleaning or replacing filters located in the back, where the supply hoses are attached. You’ll also want to remove the hoses periodically and poke out debris with a screwdriver.

Your Clothes Dryer

Your dryer’s lint trap and exhaust hose need to be cleaned out regularly, and your exterior vent needs to be inspected periodically. The basic issue is being sure hot air can escape your machine and your house, without impediments. You’ll want to check the hinged exterior vent to make sure it pops open whenever your dryer is running; if it isn’t opening, you’ll want to manually open it and scrape out any lint with a dryer vent brush or the end of a hanger. Louvered vents should have slats cleaned with an old toothbrush or similar tool.

Since refrigerators are major players in the use of your home’s energy, we’ll next look at ways to make sure your fridge is functioning as efficiently as possible. Continue with Part 2.

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Making Strides Toward Energy-Efficient Appliance Use, Part 1